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 The Truth About Exchange Rates For Importers

Getting a good exchange rate for your foreign exchange transfers can be a real minefield in Australia and New Zealand. With so many banks and companies to choose from how do you know who to trust to get a fair deal?

Over 70% of importers typically use their bank to buy/sell USD, EUR or any other currency they need. Make no mistake, the banks overcharge and under-deliver when compared to the top foreign exchange specialists. You want to stay with your bank because they are seen as “safe” however you can get the same level of safety and security while saving thousands (and in some cases, millions) of dollars. 

What you need is an independent advisor who can save you hours of research and avoid choosing the wrong Forex provider. Thats where we come in. We have analysed all of the FX providers in the market and have hand picked the best of the best. Based on the specific nuances of your business we match you with the FX specialist that suits you best. You will receieve get preferential treatment, cheap exchange rates and most often zero fees!

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Importers are the heartbeat of the economy and we believe that every dollar you save helps the entire country!

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“Switching to my new provider has been the best move ever! We import goods frequently and I have always used my bank. Organising payments is so much easier now and has saved me a lot of money. Now my suppliers receive the transfer the next day as opposed to a week!

Monica | Director, NZ

“Monita from Importer Solutions helped us find our new FX partner. Monita was excellent to work with, she was very professional and skilled at finding the best solution for us for our FX requirements. We are now not only getting excellent deals but also good advice and support which saves us time and money”

Erika | FC, NZ